Saturday, 16 October 2010

FTC the final day

31 days of hard-core physical exercise and mental endurance from 48 members has resulted in the team's first top ten position in 2 years of competition.
We have rowed a total of 7,967,292 metres and as a team we averaged about 200,000 metres every day of the challenge. Final position as of today: 8th out of 280 teams, which puts us in the top 3% of teams world-wide.
Thank you to all the bloggers on the team page, it certainly made it more fun for me to report about the progress of the team having your comments to read and respond to.
Have a rest and enjoy a C2-free weekend, hopefully you will have forgotten about the pain and tiredness just in time for the January Virtual Team Challenge in 2011.


  1. A fantastic effort from everyone. We are now a top-10 team, that puts pressure on us for the January challenge. I know we will once again do well, we must aim higher though 7th?, 6th? 5th?!!

    I have really enjoyed my Saturday morning, I had a nice lay-in, then coffee, eggs, bacon, beans, mushrooms and toast, bloody lovely! And no rowing!!!

  2. Del,
    That breakfast sounds gorgeous - you have inspired me to cook a full English this morning too. It is on the back of a 20 minute warm up and 5 x 3 minute intervals to keep on track with my BIRC training.
    So glad the pressure is off for a few months until January.

  3. Ahhh the BIRC, I've been combining training for that with the FRC. Only 5 weeks to go, that'll come really quickly.
    Well done for training today I'm having the weekend off, I'll start again on Monday.