Wednesday, 13 October 2010

FTC Day 29

I agree with Del, Friday can not come soon enough.
People are getting tired and longing for a break, but if we want to keep that top ten spot we have to keep rowing for the next 2 days.
We have reached 7,313,156 metres today. Excellent stuff team mates.


  1. Keep going team! I am suffering with what is possibly the worst cold I've ever had, but on the plus side I might have fixed my PM3. Took it apart and there's a supercapacitor in there that looked decidedly rusty, and a quick test showed that it has shorted. I've taken it out as I suspect it is connected to the shutoff circuit, and it seems to be working now (I just can't switch it off manually - it comes straight back on!!). Struggling to find a replacement part though, might try C2.

  2. Mark Sounds like good news on the PM3 front, but not so great with your health.
    I expect everybody is looking forward to a lie-in on Saturday without thoughts of 'how many metres can I squeeze out of myself today?'