Monday, 11 October 2010

FTC Day 27

Matt L has swooped into the top spot with an overnight upload of over 400,000 metres. We should certainly feel safe in 8th position now because we are 600k ahead of those 'pesky' (as we now like to call them) Island Rowers.
Today's total metres stand at 6,814,419.


  1. We are only 300,000 behind UK rowers. Come on everyone let's have one last big push towards the finish line. When it's all over you can have the weekend off!

  2. I will do a minimum of another 42k (3x 1hour). I will try an HM tomorrow morning and see how I get on.

    Maybe Matt has another 300k unlogged.... :-)

  3. Feeling a little better today after taking a full day off. Seems to be a cold or flu. Managed 10,000 today. Hopefully, I'll be able to add at least as much tomorrow if I didn't make it worse by rowing!

  4. Not many days left now, let's keep up the great work & finish strong!


  5. We can do it team - only 3 more rowing days left.
    Row hard, row strong - to be honest ANY kind of rowing would be good at this stage in the competition.

  6. I did my HM this morning. Come on let's push through to Friday with some big metres!