Sunday, 10 October 2010

FTC Day 26

We have reached 6,212,188 metres and are holding on to our 8th place ranking.
The top 3 Empty the Tanks team mates are giving it their all in the final week, here are the latest figures:

1 Derek Kyme 435,639
2 Dan McCarthy 430,988
3 John Dunn 353,331

Only 5 days to go before the end of the competition. We can do it team - keep ROWING STRONG.


  1. Ahh Dan! You are killing me. I have rowed 35k today and you are still ahead. I was tempted to get back on the machine a do another few k's but I just can't force myself off the sofa. Well done mate, keep it up!

  2. I changed my mind, the kids went to bed so I knocked out another 5k.

  3. Del you are super-human - you're doing a great job. There are still a few hours left before the close of day....
    Chris and I know how you feel, we both did the CTC Oct pyramid of 100 > 900 > 100 with 45 second rests this afternoon and we haven't left the sofa since.

  4. Well I've sprained my left hand from football, have a chesty cold, and still have a broken PM3. I think that's my FRC officially over :(

  5. Oh yes, and I see Matt Longman suddenly came from nowhere again to put himself 150km in the lead. Great for the team, but not really in the spirit of competition I'd have thought.

  6. Mark,
    Sorry to hear about your cold, sprained hand AND the battery problems - it seems you have had a bad run of things in the final week of the FTC. You have been a fantastic competitor during this challenge and we certainly wouldn't be in the top ten without your help and dedication.
    See you in November at the BIRC.

  7. Chris,
    You may need to re-row the CTC Oct pyramid. :) After completing it today--absolutely hellish, by the way--I came home to enter my time and discovered that I was 0.8 seconds behind you! :)
    Call me a masochist, but I am going to do it again sometime soon to see if I can shave off a second. And we need to convince 2 more ETT members to complete it as well. Any takers out there?
    David J.