Saturday, 9 October 2010

FTC Day 25

We have hit 6,029,661 metres and still in 8th place - great work folks.
Rowing into the final straight and we have the finish line in sight - what are you looking forward to doing after Friday 15th October (instead of rowing)?

After the FTC I have got an appointment with my sofa and a big pile of DVD's to watch. Unfortunately I can't take a total break from rowing because I am on the C2 interactive training program for the British Indoor Rowing Championships in November.


  1. Woke up not feeling well. I struggled to row 5000 meters. Maybe it was something I ate. Otherwise, I may not be able to row for a day or two.

    I just saw that Del has caught me with strong row today. Well done! Here's hoping we can stay ahead of that pesky Island Rowing Club.

  2. You are right Dan, Del is very close behind you - he could sneak past you tomorrow.
    I hope you are feeling better tomorrow - you have been an extremely dedicated team mate during this challenge. I bet you are looking forward to a rest on Saturday.


  3. What am I looking forward to? It's the Nottingham Beer Festival this weekend...