Friday, 8 October 2010

FTC Day 24

With only 7 days left to play with we should try increasing our work-outs by an extra 1k, you never know it might just make the difference. We have hit an impressive 5,817,655 metres. UK Rowers are ahead with just over 400k and the Island Rowers are not too far behind us with 5,785,501 metres.
Dan M has re-gained first place in the team and the battle for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions rage on between the following members:
1 Dan McCarthy

2 Derek Kyme

3 Mark Bower

4 John Dunn

5 Andy Soyring



  1. I have the beginnings of a cold now, so no row today. That might explain why I had a good session yesterday, it seems I have good rows just before I get ill!

    On a positive side my PM3 is suddenly becoming more stable. I can get the diagnostics to complete (hold down the Menu button until they start), but it still randomly shuts down, just not as much. If this cold doesn't fully develop I might see if I can get it to stay working long enough to try a row tomorrow!

  2. Edit - it's gone back off again and won't come back on. Oh well!

  3. Hi Mark - do you think it may have some damp in the PM3 unit because its in the garage? You could take the computer unit inside and see if it dries out - I've seen them do it on the Gadget Show when things have been totally wet and some things have worked again after getting dried out. Just a suggestion...

  4. Yeah, that's one thought. I emailed a guy on ebay who repairs them and he said he'd seem similar symptoms caused by damp/battery acid. I might take it apart and have a proper look myself, I did that before and couldn't see much though.