Wednesday, 6 October 2010

FTC Day 22

Today has been the day of the David Row-off.
The three David's have been head-to-head for a few weeks now and the results are in:
David Acres M35240,842
7 David Mikoska M36235,035
8 David Junta M43231,010
David A is in the lead today, but it is very close - things might change tomorrow.

We are in 8th place and have rowed an amazing 5,445,510 metres.


  1. Great race guys! I got my PM3 back, date and time entered, tested with rower first thing, working. Gone out now to row a HM, nothing. Not impressed with C2 anymore. Any hope of finishing above Dan all but over now :(

  2. Change tomorrow? Me thinks today!

  3. PS Mark - check the batteries!

  4. Well done David M, you have zipped to the top of team David.
    Mark, sorry to hear about your C2 problems - let's hope it is just a battery issue.