Tuesday, 5 October 2010

FTC Day 20

The 21st day of the challenge and we have hit 5,051,246 metres. There is also a new top position in the team - Dan M who has rowed 320,959 metres. Great stuff Dan.


  1. I'm just keeping Mark's place while he gets his PM3 sorted.

  2. Dan - you are doing a very good job up there! We need big hitters like you to maintain our top ten slot. Keep rowing strong.

  3. Good work Dan, I'm keeping my eye on your distances though ;) Did a 15km today, decided to take it steady but my enthusiasm got the better of me and I started to pick it up before telling myself to relax. 10km yesterday followed by 5-a-side football, then only 5 hours sleep took it's toll on my legs, and I finished at 58:58.8, just under the 1:58 pace I told myself to be happy with.