Sunday, 3 October 2010

FTC Day 19

Ending the week on a high - still in 7th place with 4,714,737 metres. We are only 200k behind UK Rowers, if only we could find some extra metres from somewhere...

So far we have discussed what music motivates Empty the Tanks members and what they wear during a workout.

The next question is - What is your indoor rowing environment like? Some C2 forum users refer to this place as 'the dungeon' as it is where torture is inflicted.

My C2 is in the spare room (or as I like to call it The Gym). I share my C2 with Chris and it has been customised with a bright blue C Breeze and a Row-Right slide guide. I have a fan pointing directly at me with my Macbook close at hand so I can watch things on i-player or listen to music.


  1. My C2 in in our 'kids' room at the back of the house. I have it pointed at a TV and have the sound off. I listen to bbc 6 music most of the time while rowing.
    I am really enjoying the FRC but will be relieved once it is all over!

  2. My (broken) C2 is in the garage. Surrounded by bikes, BBQ, Stuff for the cars, Mower, etc, etc. Bare brick walls, no heating and not a lot of room around the C2 really. I like to think that rowing 30km in there for 2 hours is like a test of mental fortitude! It would be nice to row somewhere warmer, and perhaps less 'industrial', but I get on to get a job done.

  3. I row at Selby DW (JJB) Gym. There are 10 C2s, about 4 of which work well at any one time. I am in there most mornings before work doing a mid or long distance row whilst watching Sky Sports News on the 8 foot screen. Rolling news can get boring after an hour. If you go there say hello.

    I also sometimes row at the gym at work with Mark when I want to be humiliated.... Although Mark normally rows at home we are lucky enough to have 2 concept 2s at work.

  4. I got the email from C2. £19.50 to repair and return the PM3 - they only got it today and it'll be back with me by Weds for about £70 cheaper than everyone else I'd found. That's what I call service! FRC back on!

  5. I am fortunate enough to have a gym at work and get paid to use it! Two C2's; big old gym; trying to keep up with the youngsters! Music is usually inflicted on me and I prefer to usually row in peace and quiet, or occasionally with my MP3 player. Sometimes row at 7am, but mostly at 4:30pm, which is PT time!