Thursday, 15 April 2010

WRC 2010 Day 32

Its the final day of the World Rowing Challenge and we have held strong to 12th position for weeks. We have rowed 7,718,916 metres on the 32nd day of the WRC. Fantastic work team - I am so impressed.
You should all take a well deserved rest tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

WRC 2010 Day 30

Where did all the time go? Its the 30th day of rowing our hearts out for the honour of a top 5% position in the World Rowing Challenge. Keep on rowing people, we are nearly there.

We have broken the 7 million metres barrier - our current total stands at: 7,091,918 metres.

Mark, Karri, Andy, Todor and Preston have contributed over a quarter of the team's total metres this challenge - amazing stuff.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

WRC 2010 Day 27

Nearly at the end of week 4 and we are still residing in 12th position with 6,412,386 metres.

Fantastic work team - only 5 days left and you can have a social life again.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New position for Affiliation ranking

The majority of Empty the Tanks team mates have affiliated to the team which means all personal metres you row throughout the season count towards the Team Standings.

We have been in 13th position for months and today we moved up to 12th place out of 1,489 teams - which is amazing.

To affiliate yourself to the team you need to go to your online logbook and edit your profile - there is a section that will ask you which team to affiliate to - when you select Empty the Tanks, all your logbook season metres will automatically contribute to the team totals.

April CTC

This month's Cross Team Challenge has been chosen by the Sub 7 Rowing Club - to row as many metres as possible in 7 minutes. No-one from Empty the Tanks has entered a time yet, but we have 23 days to make sure we get at least 5 team mates entered so we can 'float a boat'.

WRC 2010 Day 23

We are in week 4 of the World Rowing Challenge and we have been in 12th position for the past 12 days. The last time we took hold of 12th position for this period of time was in the Fall Rowing Challenge in 2009.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday Monday - WRC 2010 Day 22

If you compare Empty the Tanks with similar sized virtual teams we are in second place.

Easter Sunday - WRC 2010 Day 21

We have reached the 5 million metres mark today - obviously the high energy chocolate eggs have helped us get to 5,102,672 metres - Still in 12th position.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

WRC 2010 Day 20

Its Easter weekend - we should all put in some extra metres powered by chocolate eggs. Also a great idea to get rid of any eggstra body weight we may have gained.

We have had a stronghold on 12th position for the past 8 days and have rowed over 4,782,340 metres. Nearly 50% of the team have rowed over 100,000 metres in 20 days - keep up the hard work Empty the Tanks team mates.

Friday, 2 April 2010

April Fools Day and Good Friday

We have rowed over 425,785 metres during days 18 and 19 of the WRC. Still residing in 12th position - we must watch out for the 'Move your body' team in 13th place, they are only 200k behind us.