Sunday, 28 February 2010

March CTC

The Million Meter Vikings have chosen the Cross Team Challenge row for March:
To row 2962 metres in your fastest time - which is the height of the highest mountain in the German Alps - the Zugspitze.

We have got 2 boats ranked in the February CTC, which was to row as many metres as possible in 1 minute. Here are the results:

Boat 1 = 31/81 + 34 points
Boat 2 = 56/81 + 9 points

Individual rankings:

046/368 = 355 metres = Mark
082/368 = 343 metres = David M
102/368 = 338 metres = Steve H
164/368 = 323 metres = Dan
183/368 = 319 metres = Kev
190/368 = 318 metres = Tim
270/368 = 292 metres = Richard B
306/368 = 273 metres = John B
336/368 = 253 metres = Sarah Z
346/368 = 246 metres = Caroline

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Team Mates

We have 5 new team mates:

Adam, Mike S and Art from the USA
Tim who is originally from Slovakia but is living in Germany
David H from London

Welcome aboard the team. Tim, Mike and Art have already signed up for the WIRC - excellent work guys.

March Madness and the World Rowing Challenge

March Madness Challenge (March 1st–31st)

Choose from two levels of participation:

  • The Basic Challenge: Row 5000 metres each day for 25 days or more in March.
  • The Advanced Challenge: Row 10,000 metres each day for 25 days or more in March.
The March Madness is not a team challenge, but the metres you row from the 15th March onwards will contribute to the:

World Rowing Challenge

The World Rowing Challenge is a team event that runs every year from March 15–April 15.

We need to row as many metres as possible as a team - our aim for the WRC is to get into the top ten teams.

10 team mates have already signed up - just go to the 'team' tab on your on-line logbook and sign up for the WIRC.

Monday, 22 February 2010

English Indoor Rowing Championships

Woke up on Sunday morning greeted with a fairly thick covering of snow in Leeds - luckily, we still made it to Manchester for the EIRC.
We got to the Velodrome just in time to see John and Mark sat on their erg's ready for action. They didn't set off on time because the organisers had several technical glitches, so the Heavyweight 30-39's had to do an extra warm up for their race.
It was brilliant meeting up with everybody and we all cheered each other on during the races.

Team photo (left to right):
Gary, Derek, John, Chris, Caroline & Mark.

All Empty the Tanks team mates gave it their all and pulled in very decent times:

The first race was the men's 30-39 Heavyweight's:
9th out of 18 = Mark = 6:35.7
11th out of 18 = John = 6:42.5

The next race was the men's 40 -49 Heavyweight's:
17th out of 30 = Derek = 6:53.6

Next up was the 30-39 Lightweight women's race of one:
1st out of 1 = Caroline = 08:50.3, Gold Medal

The 30-39 Lightweight men's was a close race:
3rd out of 6 = Chris = 06:57, Bronze Medal

The final race was by honorary member of Empty the Tanks, Gary (a mate of Derek's) 40-49 men's Lightweight:
10th out of 10 = Gary = 07:47.2

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Looking forward to the EIRC

Its going to be great meeting up with more Empty the Tanks team mates at the English Indoor Rowing Championships in Manchester tomorrow.

The race schedule is as follows:

09:30 2k race = John D
09:30 2k race = Mark B
09:50 2k race = Derek
10:30 2k race = Caroline
11:10 2k race - Chris
15:00 2k race = Jack E
15:35 500m race = Jack E
15:55 500m race = John D

Good luck everybody, see you on Sunday.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


The World Indoor Rowing Championships were great, Chris and I met fellow team mate Steve Hellwig.

Chris' race, men's 30 - 39 Lightweight, 2:15pm

Chris pulled in a sub 7 time of 6:56.6 and raced Eskild Ebbesen, Denmark's Olympic Champion and World Record holder of the 30 – 39 lightweight men’s category (Ebbeson came first with 6:15.8) In second place, retired German World Champion Peter Ording finished in 6:22.9.
Chris was 5th out of 9 competitors. A powerful race Chris - well done.

Watch Chris and Steve's race here:

Steve's race, men's 30-39 Heavyweight, 2:15pm

Steve was relaxed in his approx to the race and pulled in a great row of 7:10.3. He finished 41st out of 49 heavyweight rowers. Nice job Steve!

Caroline's race, women's 30-39 Lightweight, 3:00pm

My C2 was on the first row (A2) and I was positioned next to the most muscly lightweight rower ever! I pulled in a below average row of 8:54.5 - I finished 4th out of 4 competitiors. The winner of my race was Petre Lueke, part of the German C2 team (She had a very loud coach shouting at her all the way through her 7:21.6 race).

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Empty the Tanks logo

What do you think of the new Empty the Tanks logo?

Feb CTC boat 1

5 Empty the tanks team mates have rowed the February Cross Team Challenge 1 minute sprint - so we have one boat in the rankings.

Boat 1 = 26/53 + 10 points

Individual rankings:

28/222 355 metres = Mark B
99/222 323 metres = Dan
114/222 319 metres = Kevin
189/222 271 metres = John B
209/222 246 metres = Caroline

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Steve H has signed up for the WIRC

There will be 3 Empty the Tanks team mates at the World Indoor Rowing Championships next week: Chris, Caroline and Steve!
If you live in the US of A and are near Boston next weekend the WIRC is the place to be on Valentine's Day, 14th February to cheer us on.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

February CTC Challenge

The February Cross Team Challenge is to row as many metres as you can in one minute. No rate restrictions.
Lets see how we all get on doing some hard-core sprints after the long distance endurance of the JVTC!

Kevin is the first to row the February CTC Challenge with an impressive 305 metres in a minute - that's a pace of 1:38.