Sunday, 31 January 2010

Last day of the JVTC and 14th position

After 31 days of rowing we have settled into 14th position out of 327 teams - not bad going for 50 rowers. We have rowed an average of 151,000 metres each, but as you know by looking at the team rankings - some rowers have put in double that amount.
Keep up the momentum on the last day team, we are in the top 4% of teams!
If we collectively rowed an extra 400k today we could take the team above us? The chances are a bit slim... I'm hoping that Mike P will upload lots of metres at the last minute.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day 30 - 14th place is ours again!

I checked the results just before going to bed last night and we had moved back up to 14th position. We are 35,000 metres ahead of UK Rowers. Keep up the good work team.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day 29 of the JVTC

Unfortunately we have slipped back down to 15th position today, UK Rowers have steamed ahead with 80,000 metres.

Since the 1st January, we have rowed 7,151,738 metres!

Mark B has rowed over 700,000 metres for the team.
The following members have put in over 400,000 metres: Derek, Andy, Kevin and Bill.
Chris, John, Robert, John, Douglas, Sean and Mike have rowed between 200k - 300k.
The 100k club has loads more members: Dan, Caroline, Tim, Jean, Phil, Steve, Joe, Louis, David M, Mike D, Wayne, John, Joe, Jim and Mik P.
Members who have rowed between 40K - 95k: Karen, Keith, Darren, Miles, Peter, Jacqui, Alan, Matt S, Gordon, Christiane, Kim and Simon.
The rest of the team have contributed valuable metres to the team: Sarah, Duncan, Richard, Allan, Tom, Riley, Kate, Matthew B, Shona, Richard and Lance.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 28 and 14th position is ours

We have stormed into 14th position tonight! Wahooooo
Brilliant work team - 7,013,589 metres (only 25,000 in front of UK Rowers).
Keep up the momentum - can we take TIMBUK2? They have a healthy 620,000 metres on us....

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day 24 of the JVTC

We have been in 15th position out of 327 teams for the past 11 days and we have collectively rowed 5,877,187 metres.

As a team of 52, - we have rowed an average of 113,023 metres each.

If you compare our team with similar virtual teams of 51+ members we are 9th out of 9.

Mark signs up for the EIRC

Mark B has signed up for the English Indoor Rowing Championships - so we have a 7 strong team for Manchester.

Is anybody going to the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston USA on the 14th February?

Chris and I have entered the WIRC and have got some flights booked - if any of the USA members of the team are in the area pop along and say hello. Better still, sign up before the 29th January and race with us.

Who is going to the English Indoor Rowing Championships?

A number of Empty the Tanks team mates have been training for weeks in preparation for the EIRC at the Manchester Velodrome on the 21st February.

The following team mates will be there: Caroline, Chris, John D, Derek, Jack E and David A.

If you live near, come along to support us - Phil V may be there to co-ordinate the chanting.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 20 of the JTVC

We have been in 15th position for a number of days and have collectively rowed over 4,798,593 metres.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More new team mates

We have 2 more teams mates, which means we are now in the '51 members or more' category in the team rankings.

Shona and Tom have joined us recently and have already contributed some metres to the team totals. Well done, and welcome to Empty the Tanks.

Today's metres for the JVTC: 14th position out of 315 teams = 2,659,573 metres

Monday, 11 January 2010

New team mates alert

We have 3 new members to the team: Kate, Mark (having a drink) and Kevin.

They have all put in some metres for the January Virtual Team Challenge already - excellent work.

Current Empty the Tanks metres for the JVTC: 14th position out of 312 teams = 2,490,824 metres

Sunday, 10 January 2010

JVTC week 1 progress

In 10 days we have rowed 2,111,459 metres and have settled into 14th position out of 305 teams.
The highlight of the competition so far was on day 2 when we achieved our highest ranking to date = 7th place!
Keep up the good work Empty the Tanks team mates.

Monday, 4 January 2010

JVTC progress

We have made excellent progress in the first 4 days of the January Virtual Team Challenge.

Day 1 - 8th position out of 201 teams with 17 team mates = 148,146 metres
Day 2 - 7th position out of 222 teams with 25 team mates = 365,197 metres
Day 3 - 9th position out of 232 teams with 30 team mates = 601,021 metres
Day 4 - 9th position out of 245 teams with 45 team mates = 781,419 metres

Keep up the hard rowing team - if we carry on at this pace, we can retain our top ten position for the next 27 days.

5 new team mates

We have been joined by 5 new team mates to help us in the January Virtual Team Challenge.

Robert, Wayne, Jacqui, Riley and Louis - welcome to Empty the Tanks.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

January Cross Team Challenge

Kick the New Year off with 1k for the January Cross Team Challenge.
Enter your best (lowest) time for 1,000 metres (1km) - there are no stroke rate restrictions.

We have already got a boat in the competition - John F has already entered a time.

To join in the fun follow the instructions at the right hand side of my blog or follow this link:

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy birthday to us

Empty the Tanks virtual rowing team is one year old today.

Happy New Year

8 Empty the Tanks team mates rose to the Blue Moon Challenge on the 31st December.

To receive a certificate and a mention on the Concept 2 Honours board you had to row TWICE in one day, with each row 5,000 metres or more.

Well done to:

Chris, Sven, Christiane, David M, Joe L, Caroline, Steve and John F.