Sunday, 22 November 2009

Empty the Tanks BIRC Results

We arrived in 3 cars from different parts of the UK:
Derek drove up to Birmingham from Bath, Phil and Karen came down from Cheshire and Chris and Caroline negotiated the 50 mph restricted speed limits on the M1 from Leeds.
It was great to meet up as a team to cheer each other on.
Here are the results:

Karen HWT 35-39 08:29.3 9/9
Derek HWT 45-49 06:47.4 15/46 = Personal Best time
Phil HWT 60-64 08:53.3 13/14
Chris LWT 35-39 06:58.2 7/7
Caroline LWT 35-39 08:49.1 2/2 = Personal Best time

It was an excellent day - every team mate put in an amazing performance:

Karen was put on the front row flanked by muscle-bound heavy weight women, this did not deter her plan and she pulled in an impressive 8:29.3.
Phil got name checked several times by the commentator during his last 500 metres.
Derek pulled in a PB and was extremely happy with his row.
Chris almost rowed in the wrong race by sitting down on his C2 too early. In the right race he rowed a sub 7 time of 06:58.2.
Caroline got to stand on the podium to receive a Silver Medal for her second place position (OK - so the race only had 2 people in it) A good friend of mine once said "You can only race who is there".

Hope to see more Empty the Tanks team mates at the English Indoor Rowing Championships at the Manchester Velodrome on the 21st February 2010.
What about the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston, USA on the 14th February 2010?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

One day until the BIRC 2009

The BIRC is nearly here - the race times of the 5 Empty the Tanks competitors are listed below:

C4 Karen HWT 35-39 08:45 machine Y16
A6 Derek HWT 45-49 09:15 machine Y35
A9 Phil HWT 60-64 09:30 machine R32
B4 Chris LWT 35-39 10:10 machine Y2
D4 Caroline LWT 35-39 10:40 machine R27

I will upload some photos next week so you can see how we got on.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Only one week left until the BIRC

5 Empty the Tanks team mates are traveling to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on Sunday 22nd November to compete in the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

Derek, Phil, Chris, Karen and Caroline have been training for the past 16 weeks to prepare for the physical and mental challenge of the 2,000 metre Olympic distance. I will keep you all posted about how we got on next week.

Wish us luck. If you are in the area - pop in to offer your support and meet your fellow team mates.

More new team mates have joined Empty the Tanks

A big welcome to Joe H who has joined the team, signed up for the JVTC and has pulled in a decent 400 metres for the November CTC.
Derek has also joined ETT in the past few days and he is competing in the BIRC on the 22nd November too.

We have 2 boats in the CTC Challenge this month:

Boat 1 = Steve, Richard G, Simon, Joe H & Sara Z = 22/61 +18 points
Boat 2 = Andy, Jim, Richard B, Caroline & Kim = 33/61 + 7 points

Don't forget we have another week or so to choose the December Cross Team Challenge.
Keep those e-mail suggestions coming in!


Monday, 9 November 2009

Ideas for the Dec CTC so far

Several team mates have sent me their ideas for the December CTC:

Mik P = 5k or 10k (all the way)
Jude = 5k
Simon = 15 minutes, no restrictions
Roy = intervals of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 with 1 minute rests
Richard B = Row to the bottom of the North Pole - 4261 metres
Richard G = How about a Christmas 2512m? (25th of the 12th!)
Steve = How about 2112 meters? As this started out as a British based team I think the length of the Henley (1 mile 550 yards) would be a fitting choice. -Steve (from the US)

We have some good ideas so far - I do think we should get a festive theme going for the December challenge, here are a few of my suggestions:

12 days of Christmas = 12 minute row
31 days in December = 31 minutes
The 3 Kings = 3 x 5 minute intervals 2 minute rest

Thursday, 5 November 2009

We get to choose the Decemer CTC

I have been contacted by the guys who run the CTC site and we have been granted the vote for the Cross Team Challenge distance for December 2009.

This is what Joe (from the CTC site sent me)

"Empty The Tanks will be choosing the piece. Guidelines are that it should take no more than 1 hour @2:30 pace so 12km at most. Intervals are fine but consideration should be given to PM2 users who have to write down their distances and manually time the intervals if these are variable.

Your mechanism for choosing is up to you as team leader. People get a bit twitchy if nothing is declared by the 25th of the month"

What do we think team? E-mail me your ideas and we can vote on the most popular times or distances - or comment on the blog.

New team mates

Richard B and Christiane have joined the team - Welcome aboard! Richard B and has already signed up for the January Virtual Team Challenge.

Monday, 2 November 2009

January Virtual Team Challenge 2010

Sign up now for the JVTC10.
Go to your online logbook, select the 'team' tab and simply click on the January Virtual Challenge to join Empty the Tanks ready for the New Year.
I have already signed up....
Come on team mates - we need to get into the top 10 this time!

November CTC Challenge

The November Cross Team Challenge is a short, sharp 400 metres. Good Luck with that one Empty the Tanks team mates.
Results for the October 10k CTC are as follows:

Boat 1 - Joe, Andy, Mike P, Chris and Kim = 31/76 + 23 points
Boat 2 - Simon, Richard, John F, Caroline = 65/76
Boat 3 - Jim = 67/76

Individual Rankings:

38/325 36:32.1 = Joe
147/325 39:10.1 = Chris
161/325 39:43.4 = Mike P
168/325 40:07.8 = Simon
203/325 41:42.2 = Richard
255/325 44:16.1 = John F
260/325 44:16.1 = Jim
294/325 47:26.6 = Kim
302/325 49:08.5 = Caroline