Thursday, 23 July 2009

Only 5K behind Taff Attack Racing

Hello Empty the tanks team mates - The members who have affiliated themselves to the team are doing a great job of adding their personal metres to the team totals, which stands at 2,112,363 metres.
I just checked out the team standings on the C2 website and we are only 5,000 metres behind the team above us, Taff Attack Racing. If we could beat them we would be 8th out of 20 virtual teams with 6-20 members. I might see if I can put in some extra metres tomorrow? Anybody want to join me?
Overall we are ranked 61st out of 969 teams - not bad going for 14 affiliated rowers!
To affiliate yourself with the team - just go to your profile on the C2 website and edit your profile by selecting Empty the tanks!

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