Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bruce posts a new Pyramid time!

Well done to Bruce who has managed to pull in a new time on the Pyramid intervals. Excellent work!
Empty the tanks boat 1 = 20/43
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 43, we need 4 more members to complete the boat!


  1. I did the pyramid today, but I'll do it again soon. I'm a bit out of it after my 2 week honeymoon in Europe...too much wine, cheese, and pastries. Yum!

    Sarah Z

  2. Congratulations on your marriage Sarah - hope you had a great time in Europe. I've just got back from a 4-day holiday in the South of France and I have also eaten too much cheese, baguettes and pastries! Last night's 5k was much harder work than usual. Might try a Pyramid row tomorrow...