Friday, 12 June 2009

Empty the tanks boat 2

Bill started a new boat on Thursday and has been joined by his wife, Lori and mother, Jeanette. We need 2 more team mates in Empty the tanks boat 2 to get into the official rankings.
All the Empty the tanks rowers have put in some great Ben Nevis row's this week.

Empty the tanks boat 1 = 16/53 + 15 points
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 53/53 (we need 2 more rowers)

Individual rankings are;
21/213 4 minutes 21.8 seconds - Joe
41/213 4 minutes 29.2 seconds - Jude
99/213 4 minutes 50.6 seconds - Chris
106/213 4 minutes 51.8 seconds - Simon
135/213 5 minutes 10.1 seconds - Bill
193/213 6 minutes 06.7 seconds - Caroline
207/213 7 minutes 03.5 seconds - Lori
212/213 8 minutes 59 seconds - Jeanette


  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to join team II, but I'm not sure how. I just rowed the 1,344 metres too


  2. Go to the CTC site (follow link from my page), the go to 'add or update a person'. Type your details in (you need to create a password for yourself), don't forget to select 'Empty the tanks'. Go back to main page then you will be able to add your time by selecting your name, typing in your password then pressing the 'how good am I' button. Good luck. It seemed to take a while to register my name, so leave it 1/2 hour before you input time details. Caroline

  3. Thanks Caroline, All done! But, it put me in Empty the Tanks I instead of boat II

  4. Hi Sarah, the boat positions seem to be allocated by the best times in the overall team - so because you pulled a better time than me, you've bumped me out of boat 1! Good going Sarah!

  5. Oh crap! I didn't mean to do that! I'll rerow again in a few days. I pulled something in my shoulder today lifting, so I need a bit of a rest.

  6. Hi Sarah - No worries, I'm glad we have another girl on the team that is motivated to do some good times. I am hoping to get another boat in the competition if some of the other team mates join in. It's good fun to get involved and helps motivate me to do extra metres - I have not really done any short distances before, so it's pushing me out of my comfort zone.