Friday, 12 June 2009

2nd Empty the tanks boat in the CTC challenge

Bill has joined the CTC challenge, so we have another boat in the race! He completed his Ben Nevis row of 1,344 metres in 10 minutes. We need some other team mates to join him.


  1. That time was just to get it all figured out. I got that done and now I have entered my real time of Bill 5:10.1, My wife Lori entered a time of 7:03.5, and my mother who is 74 years old entered a time of 8:59.1. This gives us a boat of 3, we need 2 more.

  2. Hi Bill,Lori and Jeanette - excellent news! Well done to the Gregory's! I will encourage two more Empty the tanks team mates to join you so you can enter the official rankings.