Sunday, 31 May 2009

CTC June Challenge

Hello Empty the tanks team mates, I'm glad a number of you have joined in the CTC May challenge of your fastest 5K.

I found out some info from the C2UK forum about the CTC:
(not my words)

"The idea came courtesy of Nik Fleming with some input from Matt Newman and a few other forumites. Here's the deal...

There are several teams on the forum as well as many forumites who are not "affiliated". We have a monthly challenge with which we can all join in. During the month, team members post times or distances for that month's challenge, and these are used to compile 'boats' for each team. A boat is made up of 5 seats. 3 open seats, a lightweight seat (male or female) and a female seat (heavy or lightweight). At the end of the month, the qualifying boats are given a point score based upon the number of complete boats that month. If there are 20 boats, the top ranked boat gets 20 points, down to the last boat that gets 1 point"

The June CTC challenge is to row the height of Ben Nevis, 1344m - in your fastest time!?

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