Thursday, 28 May 2009

Joe, Gordon, John F, Jude and Caroline push the boat out for Empty the tanks

So far we have 4 rowers in a boat for the CTC May Challenge of the fastest 5k, Joe, Gordon, John F and I are currently the 72nd boat out of 79.

We have another boat in the competition because Jude has joined the team. There is a rule that only allows 3 male Heavyweight rowers in one boat, the other 2 places need to be filled with Lightweight males or Lightweight / Heavyweight females!

The individual rankings are good;

Jude is 112/330 with a brilliant row of 18 minutes 40 seconds.
Joe is 141/330 with an impressive 19 minutes and .3 seconds.
Gordon is 226/330 with a solid 20 minutes 28 seconds.
John F is 261/330 with a row of 21 minutes 18 seconds.
I'm much further down the rankings at 319/330, with my best ever 5k at 24 minutes 45 seconds.

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