Monday, 13 April 2009

WRC week 5, 13th April, 33rd position - 2,135,194 metres

We have dropped down to 33rd position today - but we should be able to beat the next team West Side YMCA tomorrow, they are only 10k above us. Phil has put an excellent row in today - he is now on 165k! Gordon is on 154k and Chris still tops us all with 280k - he is on target to get to 300k by Wednesday. Joe has really pushed the boat out in this challenge and is currently on 249k, with Tim close behind with 239k. Yvon has worked hard and is on 229k and Karen is slogging away with 165k. We have only got 2 days of rowing left team - keep up the good work! We can take those YMCA guys!!!

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