Sunday, 5 April 2009

WRC week 4, 5th April, 34th position - 1,565,476 metres

Well it has been an interesting day at the top of the leader board today, this morning we had Tim at the top with 179,878, this evening it is Chris again with 195,238. Yvon has stepped up to 2nd position with an impressive 182,105 metres. Phil has joined the 100k club and Gordon has got us further up the Amazon with another 10k. Joe, Jude, John, Karen and Caroline are all storming away with 120k - 160k. Steve is keeping up the tempo and Matt is still putting the metres in.
We reached Manaus yesterday on our Amazonian trek - we are into wild territory from now on in.
Let's keep up the pace for week 4. We are doing well!

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