Saturday, 21 March 2009

Empty the tanks World Rowing Challenge 2009 progress - week 1

15th March 13th position - 48,063 metres
Yvon and Jude put in a stormer of a row on the first day, Martin, Sophie and Sara put in some metres too!

16th March 14th position - 109,299 metres
rowed 7k today, Chris and Caroline both managed to get a personal best time for their rows.

17th March 25th position - 143,578 metres
Tim put in a great row today and Phil grabbed the top slot.

18th March 22nd position - 211,247 metres
Gordon and Tim put decent rows in, Chris clocked up a 10k and Jude jumped to the top with 34k, only to be pipped at the post by Phil with 35k!

19th March 36th position - 240,450 metres
Karen put a 5k in and Gordon had another great day.

20th March 37th position - 286,990 metres
Caroline and Karen put in 5k's for the March Madness Competition.

21st March 40th position - 319,511 metres
Tim did an excellent row today and Chris is still top of the leader board with 55,000 metres.


  1. Hello Empty the tanks team-mates, hope you enjoyed the first week of the challenge. There are over 186 teams in the WRC2009 now (only 107 last Sunday, so we need to up our game) Keep putting those metres on. Good luck for those rowers who have entered the March Madness - only one more week to go!

  2. Would like to join a team for the WRC. I am very new to this rowing thing and am looking for a challenge. Please forward me your email details. John

  3. Hi John

    We would love you to join our team. Joining instructions are as follows:

    You will need to add yourself to the team for you metres to be added to our team’s total but before you can add yourself to the team, you will need to set up your own concept 2 online logbook to record your metres if you do not have one already. Once you have your online logbook and are added to the team then you just add your metres to your logbook (either by uploading from your concept 2 rower or by manually entering your metres from your pc) and they will be added to the team’s totals.

    To join the team, you will need to have set up your logbook and added yourself to the team before 28 March 2009. If you do add yourself after the start date of 15 March then you will still be able to add the metres that you have rowed since 15 March so do not delay making a note of the rows that you do after 15 March.

    To set up a logbook go to:

    then click on the NEW USERS section and then REGISTER.

    After you have set up your logbook go to the CHALLENGES tab (or follow the following link for the World Rowing Challenge 2009)

    and choose to join the team called “Empty the Tanks”.

  4. Chris,
    Many thanks for the info. Looks like I did it correctly since I am listed as a team member. Managed to do a 10,000m PB this evening, although not intentionally. Not as fast as you guys, but I plod along. John

  5. John

    Welcome. Good work on the metres to date and keep it up. We are still gaining team mates so we should be in good shape for a strong final two weeks of the WRC