Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Empty the tanks World Rowing Challenge 2009 progress - week 2

22nd March 37th position - 380,238 metres
Gordon jumped up to 3rd position after a great row and Yvon clocked up the metres.

23rd March 41st position - 424,088 metres
Jude rowed over 15k today! Matt decided to put on some metres at last with 7k and Karen is still on track for the March Madness competition.

24th March 44th position - 482,937 metres
Chris is still at the top with 80k. Caroline and Karen are still plodding away with 5k's. Yvon, Tim and Jude have all contributed over 60k to the team so far!

25th March 46th position - 524,455 metres
Chris, Jude and Tim had another great day on the C2. Keep on rowing team!

26th March 43rd position - 641,071 metres
John joined the team today. Tim, Yvon and Jude have clocked up some impressive metres since yesterday - Keep up the good work guys! Caroline completed the March Madness competition for 25 days of 5k's in the month of March. Chris reached 100k.

27th March 33rd position - 818,190 metres
Steve and Joe became members of the team today. John is at 65k, Yvon is in the 90k's and Tim has hit the 100k. Matt has put more metres on the C2 and Gordon has contributed over 57k.
Let's go for it this weekend and work our way up to the 20's!

28th March 34th position - 872,741 metres
Yvon, Jude and Tim hit the 100k mark and Gordon has plotted some more miles up the Amazon river - check out the link on the top right of my blog.

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