Thursday, 31 December 2009

2 new team mates

We have been joined by 2 new rowers just in time for January Virtual Team Challenge 2010:

Mike N, 60 from the UK and Bill, 45 from the USA - both are primed for the JVTC. Welcome to Empty the Tanks boys.

Holiday Challenge 2009

Congratulations to the 12 Empty the Tanks members who completed the 100k Holiday Challenge.
To be included on the Concept 2 honour board you needed to row 100,000 metres between November 26th and December 24th.

The following team mates rose to the challenge:

271,681 Andy Soyring
207,753 Joe Labonte
202,225 Peter Yeeles
200,792 Steve Hellwig
194,085 David Mikoska
186,840 Derek Kyme
174,774 Chris Venables
124,453 Sven Simon
117,175 Sean Joyce
108,037 Caroline Joynson
103,846 Miles Orchard
102,336 Jean Curran

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Blue Moon Row

On December 31st you can get involved in the Blue Moon Row:
  • Row twice in one day, with each row being at least 5,000 metres.
  • This is an individual challenge. (You do not need to belong to a team to participate.)
  • Metres must be entered online.
You get a delightful certificate and a warm glow inside when you complete this challenge.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

January Virtual Team Challenge

The JVTC starts on the 1st of January 2010 - as a team we need to row as many metres as we can collectively between 12:00 a.m. January 1 and 11:59 p.m. January 31.

Empty the Tanks came 78th out of 250 teams in the JVTC in 2009 with 6 team mates. We have grown in size over the year and now have over 60+ members from all around the world.

24 Empty the Tanks members have already signed up for the JVTC 2010:

Miles, Andy S, Douglas, Simon, Mike P, Derek, David M, Lance, Joe, Steve, Sean, Chris, Caroline, Jean, Karen, Joe, Richard G, Sven, Kim, Sarah Z, Mike D, Keith, Richard B and Tim.

Another new team mate

David M, 35 from the UK has joined the team - he has also signed up for the January Virtual Team Challenge too.

Only 2 days left of the Dec CTC

15 team mates have rowed the Empty the Tanks 25@25 - we have 3 boats in the rankings:

Boat 1 is in position 32 out of 71 and has gained 20 points.

Boat 2 is in position 45 out 0f 71 and has gained 7 points.

Boat 3 is in position 50 out of 71 and has gained 2 points.

Individual positions are:

61/303 6806m = Joe (Boat 1)
126/303 6488m = David (Boat 1) New team member
131/303 6459m = Andy S (Boat 1)
154/303 6365m = Simon (Boat 2)
165/303 6308m = Joe H(Boat 1)
180/303 6220m = Steve (Boat 2)
189/303 6137m = Jamie (Boat 3)
219/303 5965m = Lance (Boat 2)
220/303 5958m = Chris (Boat 3)
233/303 5865m = Richard G (Boat 3)
270/303 5580m = John B (Boat 3)
275/303 5530m = Miles (Boat 3)
292/303 5235m = Sarah Z (Boat 1)
298/303 4881m = Caroline (Boat 2)
299/303 4784m = Jean (Boat 3)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

3 new team mates

We have 3 new members of Empty the Tanks. A big welcome to:

Jamie, 39 from San Antonia USA. He has already signed up for the (January Virtual Team Challenge) JVTC 2010 and put in an impressive Dec CTC row.

Tim, 39 who is also from the USA and has signed up for the JVTC too.

Alan has joined the team but has yet to sign up for the 2010 challenge.

Only 7 days left for the Dec CTC

With only 7 days left for the Empty the Tanks Dec CTC of 25 minutes with a restricted rate of 25 spm we need to get Boat 3 floated into the rankings.

Boat 1 is in position 29 out of 64 and has gained 10 points.

Boat 2 is in position 36 out 0f 64 and has gained 3 points.

Boat 3 is in position 60 out of 64 (we need 2 more rowers in Boat 3 to qualify for points).

Individual positions are:

51/268 6806m = Joe (Boat 1)
116/268 6459m = Andy S (Boat 1)
136/268 6365m = Simon (Boat 1)
145/268 6308m = Joe H(Boat 1)
161/268 6220m = Steve (Boat 2)
192/268 5965m = Lance (Boat 2)
193/268 5958m = Chris (Boat 2)
206/268 5865m = Richard G (Boat 2)
239/268 5580m = John B (Boat 3)
242/268 5530m = Miles (Boat 3)
260/268 5000m = Jamie (Boat 3) New team member
263/268 4821m = Caroline (Boat 1)
264/268 4784m = Jean (Boat 2)

Friday, 18 December 2009

CTC update

12 team mates have rowed the December CTC of 25 minutes at a restricted rate of 25 spm. We have 3 boats in the challenge:

Boat 1 is in position 26 out of 58 and has gained 10 points.

Boat 2 is in position 33 out 0f 58 and has gained 3 points.

Boat 3 is in position 54 out of 58 (we need 3 more rowers in Boat 3 to qualify for points).

Individual positions are:

44/236 6806m = Joe (Boat 1)
99/236 6459m = Andy S (Boat 1)
118/236 6365m = Simon (Boat 1)
126/236 6308m = Joe H(Boat 1)
139/236 6220m = Steve (Boat 2)
169/236 5965m = Lance (Boat 2)
170/236 5958m = Chris (Boat 2)
180/236 5865m = Richard G (Boat 2)
210/236 5580m = John B (Boat 3)
226/236 5223m = Miles (Boat 3)
233/236 4821m = Caroline (Boat 1)
234/236 4784m = Jean (Boat 2)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Photos from the BIRC

Karen HWT 35-39 08:29.3Derek HWT 45-49 06:47.4 Phil HWT 60-64 08:53.3Chris LWT 35-39 06:58.2Caroline LWT 35-39 08:49.1

One boat in the Dec CTC rankings

5 Empty the Tanks team mates have done the 25 minute row at a restricted stroke rate of 25 spm or less.

Boat 1 = 7/26 + 1 point

Individual rankings:

12/80 6806 = Joe
59/80 5985 = Chris
63/80 5685 = Richard G
69/80 5798 = Steve H
80/80 4584 = Caroline (Yes - I am last)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December Cross Team Challenge

December is here and as you know we have been given the privilege of choosing this month's event for the December Cross Team Challenge. After lots of suggestions from the team the selection was trimmed down to the following session which will apply from today at the usual website.

December CTC event: 25 minutes with a restricted stroke rate of 25 strokes per minute

(of course it had to have 25 in it somewhere due to Christmas)

If you are not aware restricted rate rowing is one way of improving stroke power and form and I thought that it would be useful for us all to take a break from sprint intervals and long steady state rowing to focus on power and form as we head into the January Virtual Team Challenge, the World Indoor Rowing Championship (February) and the English Indoor Rowing Championship (February).

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Empty the Tanks BIRC Results

We arrived in 3 cars from different parts of the UK:
Derek drove up to Birmingham from Bath, Phil and Karen came down from Cheshire and Chris and Caroline negotiated the 50 mph restricted speed limits on the M1 from Leeds.
It was great to meet up as a team to cheer each other on.
Here are the results:

Karen HWT 35-39 08:29.3 9/9
Derek HWT 45-49 06:47.4 15/46 = Personal Best time
Phil HWT 60-64 08:53.3 13/14
Chris LWT 35-39 06:58.2 7/7
Caroline LWT 35-39 08:49.1 2/2 = Personal Best time

It was an excellent day - every team mate put in an amazing performance:

Karen was put on the front row flanked by muscle-bound heavy weight women, this did not deter her plan and she pulled in an impressive 8:29.3.
Phil got name checked several times by the commentator during his last 500 metres.
Derek pulled in a PB and was extremely happy with his row.
Chris almost rowed in the wrong race by sitting down on his C2 too early. In the right race he rowed a sub 7 time of 06:58.2.
Caroline got to stand on the podium to receive a Silver Medal for her second place position (OK - so the race only had 2 people in it) A good friend of mine once said "You can only race who is there".

Hope to see more Empty the Tanks team mates at the English Indoor Rowing Championships at the Manchester Velodrome on the 21st February 2010.
What about the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston, USA on the 14th February 2010?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

One day until the BIRC 2009

The BIRC is nearly here - the race times of the 5 Empty the Tanks competitors are listed below:

C4 Karen HWT 35-39 08:45 machine Y16
A6 Derek HWT 45-49 09:15 machine Y35
A9 Phil HWT 60-64 09:30 machine R32
B4 Chris LWT 35-39 10:10 machine Y2
D4 Caroline LWT 35-39 10:40 machine R27

I will upload some photos next week so you can see how we got on.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Only one week left until the BIRC

5 Empty the Tanks team mates are traveling to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on Sunday 22nd November to compete in the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

Derek, Phil, Chris, Karen and Caroline have been training for the past 16 weeks to prepare for the physical and mental challenge of the 2,000 metre Olympic distance. I will keep you all posted about how we got on next week.

Wish us luck. If you are in the area - pop in to offer your support and meet your fellow team mates.

More new team mates have joined Empty the Tanks

A big welcome to Joe H who has joined the team, signed up for the JVTC and has pulled in a decent 400 metres for the November CTC.
Derek has also joined ETT in the past few days and he is competing in the BIRC on the 22nd November too.

We have 2 boats in the CTC Challenge this month:

Boat 1 = Steve, Richard G, Simon, Joe H & Sara Z = 22/61 +18 points
Boat 2 = Andy, Jim, Richard B, Caroline & Kim = 33/61 + 7 points

Don't forget we have another week or so to choose the December Cross Team Challenge.
Keep those e-mail suggestions coming in!


Monday, 9 November 2009

Ideas for the Dec CTC so far

Several team mates have sent me their ideas for the December CTC:

Mik P = 5k or 10k (all the way)
Jude = 5k
Simon = 15 minutes, no restrictions
Roy = intervals of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 with 1 minute rests
Richard B = Row to the bottom of the North Pole - 4261 metres
Richard G = How about a Christmas 2512m? (25th of the 12th!)
Steve = How about 2112 meters? As this started out as a British based team I think the length of the Henley (1 mile 550 yards) would be a fitting choice. -Steve (from the US)

We have some good ideas so far - I do think we should get a festive theme going for the December challenge, here are a few of my suggestions:

12 days of Christmas = 12 minute row
31 days in December = 31 minutes
The 3 Kings = 3 x 5 minute intervals 2 minute rest

Thursday, 5 November 2009

We get to choose the Decemer CTC

I have been contacted by the guys who run the CTC site and we have been granted the vote for the Cross Team Challenge distance for December 2009.

This is what Joe (from the CTC site sent me)

"Empty The Tanks will be choosing the piece. Guidelines are that it should take no more than 1 hour @2:30 pace so 12km at most. Intervals are fine but consideration should be given to PM2 users who have to write down their distances and manually time the intervals if these are variable.

Your mechanism for choosing is up to you as team leader. People get a bit twitchy if nothing is declared by the 25th of the month"

What do we think team? E-mail me your ideas and we can vote on the most popular times or distances - or comment on the blog.

New team mates

Richard B and Christiane have joined the team - Welcome aboard! Richard B and has already signed up for the January Virtual Team Challenge.

Monday, 2 November 2009

January Virtual Team Challenge 2010

Sign up now for the JVTC10.
Go to your online logbook, select the 'team' tab and simply click on the January Virtual Challenge to join Empty the Tanks ready for the New Year.
I have already signed up....
Come on team mates - we need to get into the top 10 this time!

November CTC Challenge

The November Cross Team Challenge is a short, sharp 400 metres. Good Luck with that one Empty the Tanks team mates.
Results for the October 10k CTC are as follows:

Boat 1 - Joe, Andy, Mike P, Chris and Kim = 31/76 + 23 points
Boat 2 - Simon, Richard, John F, Caroline = 65/76
Boat 3 - Jim = 67/76

Individual Rankings:

38/325 36:32.1 = Joe
147/325 39:10.1 = Chris
161/325 39:43.4 = Mike P
168/325 40:07.8 = Simon
203/325 41:42.2 = Richard
255/325 44:16.1 = John F
260/325 44:16.1 = Jim
294/325 47:26.6 = Kim
302/325 49:08.5 = Caroline

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Final Standings FRC2009

The final results for Empty the Tanks in the FRC2009 were:

Total team metres = 6,509,323
Final position in the rankings = 12/256
Team mates who signed up for the FRC and contributed metres = 45/58
Daily average team metres = 200,000 metres
The 29th day of the FRC (Tuesday 13th October) was the best day for metres = 313,517 metres
Highest individual ranking team mate in the FRC was Peter with 433,754 metres = 103/3512

Well done to everybody who contributed to the Fall Rowing Challenge. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will be ready to burn off the Christmas over-indulgences with the January Virtual Challenge which starts on the 1st January 2010.

There is also the British Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday 22nd November 2009 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. A number of Empty the Tanks team mates have been training for the past 11 weeks for a decent 2k time and are looking forward to the event. Members attending the BIRC so far are: Chris, Karen, Phil and Caroline.

Another challenge for the calendar is the English Indoor Rowing Championships at the Manchester Velodrome on Sunday 21st February 2010.

Maybe you would like to get involved in the 2010 World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston, USA, although I am not sure of the date.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

2 Days left of the FRC

I have just checked the standings and we are still in 12th position in the competition, but it seems the real race is going on within the team. People are getting twitchy and there seems to be some interesting tactics emerging from various rowers. There is the battle at the top between Peter, John D, Sven, Mike and Chris - who knows how it will end tomorrow?
We have a late contribution of 5k from Matt S who has been in OZ for most of the competition, good one Smithy.

Deadline for rowing metres is 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) September 15th and 11:59 p.m. ET October 15th.

Deadline for uploading metres is
October 18th at midnight ET.

Good luck tomorrow - Row strong.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Peter takes pole position

After sending out my weekly report stating that John D was at number 1, Peter rowed his way to the top spot in the team with 327,960 metres. Excellent work Peter, keep up the good work.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Only 3 days to go

Still in 12th position with 3 days to play for. We have collectively reached an impressive 5,530,763 metres in 28 days.
We have until Thursday 15th October to contribute metres to the challenge.
Keep rowing strong team!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

5 million metres and 5 days to go

We have reached the grand total of 5 million metres - well done team.
Keep up the pace in the final 5 days of the FRC.
Still in 12th position out of 257 teams.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

12 top team mates

Still holding on strong to 12th position on the 24th day of the FRC with 4,642,056 metres.
12 top team mates have made great contributions over the past few days:

Mike has reached a fantastic 300k
John D is still pulling in the metres after his bike incident with 220k
Sven is at 200k
Andy has pulled in over 182k
Gordon is doing a great job with navigation and has rowed 154k
John B has nearly reached 150k
Kim has stormed up the rankings with 142k
Allan has joined the 100k ranks
Richard is rowing for PSP and has put in over 91k for the FRC
Yvon is climbing the ranks with 71k
Matthew B has pulled in over 61k
Judy has contributed 25k

Keep up the great work team - only 7 more days to go.
Every metre counts.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day 22 of the FRC

When you look at the graph we have made steady progress over the past 3 weeks of the FRC. The best day for collective team metres was on the 18th Day (Friday 2nd Oct) when we rowed 364,214 metres in one day.
We are still holding onto 12th position and have maintained this stronghold for 15 days straight.
Keep up the excellent work team mates - only 9 more days to go.
Day 22 = 4,213,483 metres = 12/257

Monday, 5 October 2009

2 more rowers in the CTC

Mike and Joe have joined us in the CTC. We have now got 2 boats in the September 10k challenge, although we need 3 more rowers to get Boat 2 in the rankings.

Week 3 + 4 million metres

We have reached 4 million metres today and are still holding fast in 12th position out of 257 teams. We have been doing so well over the past week, but over the weekend I received news from a number of Empty the Tankers' with another spate of injuries to add to the list:
Chris O (who has just uploaded some metres today) has injured his hamstring, so will not be able to contribute any more metres to the FRC. John F's old hip injury has flared up, so is taking it a little easier over the final days of the challenge. The unlucky Mik P (who has just about recovered from Man-flu) has now injured his arm - so is finding rowing a bit difficult.
A call out goes to the remaining members of Empty the Tanks to put in some extra metres to ensure a top ten position in the final week!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Boat 1 is in the CTC rankings

We have filled one boat for the October CTC 10k. We are currently in 6th position out of 21 boats.
Members who are in boat 1 are:

35/58 39:10.1 = Chris
40/58 40:52.7 = Simon
53/58 44:16.1 = John F
54/58 44:29.3 = Richard
57/58 49:08.5 = Caroline

Saturday, 3 October 2009

September CTC 10k

Hello Team mates - don't forget to upload your 10,000 metres onto the CTC site so we can continue our participation in the CTC and the FRC simultaneously.
We have 3 members in Boat 1 already, Richard, Simon and Caroline.
Follow the link to sign up or upload your metres:

12 is the magic number

We are still holding strong in 12th position on the 19th day of the competition. The 43 members who are contributing to the metres are working extremely hard every day. Keep up the good work team. I will do some number crunching tomorrow and pretty the blog up with some more graphs and even a pie chart (just for Gordon).

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Empty the Tanks reach 3 million metres

Wahoooo! We have rowed past the 3 million metres mark together in 15 days. Well done team.
A big welcome goes out to Andy who has joined us for the FRC (just before the deadline that new team mates can join the FRC), he has brought a boost of 113,000 metres with him too.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Last chance for the September CTC

There are only 2 days left to contribute to the September CTC of rowing one mile as fast as you can.
The new challenge for the October Cross Team Challenge is to row 10,000 metres in your fastest time. This is an ideal competition to have running in conjunction with the FRC because the metres will count towards both challenges.

The current position in the September CTC challenge of rowing 1069 metres is:

Boat 1 = 39/70 + 10 points
Boat 2 = 59/70

Individual rankings:

117/302 5:44.2 = Chris, Boat 1
155/302 5:54.2 = Simon, Boat 1
196/302 6:12.9 = Richard, Boat 1
222/302 6:24.5 = Matt B, Boat 1
236/302 6:34.6 = Roy, Boat 2
275/302 7:18.7 = Caroline, Boat 1

FRC Week 2

It has been an exciting week in the competition and we have been joined by 2 new rowers, Jim and Jane which puts the FRC team up to 57 members.
We have maintained our 12th position for 9 days and have collectively rowed over 2,795,674 metres over the past 15 days.
The aim for week 3 is to get into 11th position, which means rowing an extra few thousand metres over the week to boost the team totals. There are 15 members who have signed up for the FRC who are still yet to contribute - get your metres uploaded so we can get back into the top ten.

Catch up with the Empty the Tanks expedition through the North West Passage which has been updated by Gordon:

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Still in 12th position

We are maintaining a solid hold on 12th position despite a few rowers not being well enough to contribute. Richard went to his GP and he was diagnosed with tonsilitis, Roy's doctor advised him against doing any more rowing - so he has had to make a graceful exit (only from the FRC). Richard should be back with us soon, but Roy we will miss your motivating early morning metres from NZ. Get well very soon.
Mike, Sven, Peter, Chris and John D are still competing for the top 5 positions.
I am so impressed with everybody who has contributed to the teams total metres, at 7pm UK time today we have rowed 2,140,022 metres.

Friday, 25 September 2009

New team member

Chris O has joined the ranks to help put in some metres for the Fall Rowing Challenge. Welcome to the team Chris O.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

FRC Day 10 = 12th out of 239 teams

We have made good progress over the past ten days - the 39 members who have rowed the FRC have averaged 47,083 metres. As a team, we are pulling in a daily average of over 200,000 metres.
Chris, Sven and John D have all joined Mike with 100+k metres.
Current total = 1,836,294 metres.
Don't forget to check out our virtual progress on Gordon's google map, follow the link on the right hand side of the blog (under useful links).

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Illness and injury

A number of members have contacted me to say performance may be down slightly this week because; Richard has self-diagnosed man-flu, Mik P has a cold, Sarah has injured her neck and Roy has hurt his back gardening.
On the positive side, Mike has reached 104k, Don and Allan have both added metres to the challenge and we are still in 12th position with 1,435,617 metres.
Hope you all feel better soon.

Monday, 21 September 2009

FRC week 1

What a week - we had a magnificent start to the FRC with 167,554 metres and finished in 6th position out of 171 teams. The following day we dropped to 10th place, but moved up to 8th position for day 3 and day 4. We moved down to 9th place on day 5, dropped to 11th on day 6 and we finished the week in 12th position out of 227 teams.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A new girl in the team!

A big welcome to Kim who joined us today, she is the 13th woman in Empty the Tanks.

FRC Day 5

After 5 days of rowing we are in 9th position out of 217 teams!
The 34 team mates who have contributed to the results have rowed an average of 16,931 metres each. To get into the top 5, we need help from the remaining 20 Empty the Tanks team mates who are yet to row to boost our metres.
Day 5 - 914,287 metres = 9/217

FRC Day 4

We have been in the top ten for 4 days. 53 members have signed up, but only 34 team mates have uploaded their metres, on Day 4 we averaged 15,000+ metres each. Day 4 - 817,992 metres = 8/215

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 3 FRC09 and a new team mate

We are still in the top ten out of 206 teams and have rowed a total of 584,102 metres in 3 days. Current position is 8/206.
Gordon has started the new Empty the Tanks expedition map, follow the link to read about it:
I have also put a link on the right hand side of my blog too!
A big welcome to the third Labonte to team - Hello Judy Labonte we are very pleased to have you on board.
Day 3 - 584, 102 metres = 8/206

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

FRC Day 2 and 2 new members

We have 2 new team mates just in time for the FRC, Don from USA and Al from the UK. Welcome to Empty the Tanks!
Final position on day 2 - 366,033 metres = 10/171

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First day of the FRC09 + new team mate

What a start! The best placed position today was 5th out of 171 teams. The day kicked off with the energetic New Zealand contingent of the team (Roy and Lance) with a decent 15k. John D is at the top of leaderboard today with an awesome 20k!
We have also got a new team mate, Miles who has pulled in a decent 2+k today too - welcome to the team.
Final position on day 1 - 167,554 metres = 6/171

Sunday, 13 September 2009

3 new team mates in one day!

We have 3 new members to the squad - Peter, Lance and Jean!
Only 2 days to go until the FRC and we have 49 members signed up for the challenge.
We have also moved up in the University / Club standings on the Concept 2 website to 28th position out of 1064 teams thanks to Peter and Jean who have affiliated themselves to the team. They have added an extra 484,000 metres between them!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

5 days to go

Only 5 days until the Fall Rowing Challenge! Just enough time to stock up on energy bars, bananas, prunes, electrolytes and water. Row strong on the 15th, Caroline.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New team mate!

Darren was encouraged to join the team by Mik P! Welcome to Empty the Tanks Darren.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Challenge Series 7

There is a new competition to get involved in - The Concept 2 Challenge Series 7.
This months row is to do the O'Neill Fitness test - you have to row as many metres as possible in 4 minutes.
To sign up, follow this link
or use the link on the right hand side of my blog.

Matt B joins Empty the Tanks

Matt B is now an official member of Empty the Tanks, welcome to the team.

Friday, 4 September 2009

September CTC one mile challenge

5 team mates have completed the 1609 metres of the September challenge so we have 'floated' one boat already and gained a new team mate in the CTC challenge.

Boat 1 = 4/25 + 1 point

Boat 1 rowers are Richard G, Roy, Chris and Matt B (new member, but only on the CTC site) and Caroline.

New link to Empty the Tanks season ranking

If you click on the link to the right "Empty the Tanks 2010 season ranking" you will be able to see how our team are doing compared to all the other world wide clubs. We are currently in 37th position out of 1041 teams - that puts us in the top 3.5%.
To join in the fun you need to affiliate yourself to the team.

Log onto your concept 2 logbook and go to profile.
Click edit profile, then scroll down until you see the heading University / Club standings.
Select Empty the Tanks.
Your personal metres should now count towards Empty the Tanks season standings.

After you are affiliated and you add metres to your personal logbook - you will see yourself on the team list (when you click on the link to the right).
Add a picture to your profile too so we can all see what handsome, gorgeous and beautiful rowers we have in the team!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another new team mate in September

Richard G has joined Empty the Tanks. He is doing a charity one million metres row for PSP, read about his endeavors on his blog

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New team mate alert

Jack has joined the team and has already signed up for the FRC09. A big welcome to Jack!

September CTC Challenge

The September CTC challenge was decided by the C2 UK forum to row (ONE MILE) 1609 metres.
Let's get rowing team and get 3 full boats in the rankings this time!
Details about how to sign up are on the right hand side of my blog.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

20 affiliated members boost metres

We now have 20 rowers who have affiliated to the team - which means your personal metres contribute towards Empty the Tanks season rankings. We are currently 40th out of 1030 world-wide teams.
If you narrow the search to similar teams (virtual teams with 6-20 members) we are 9th out of 19 teams.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Roy is on his way to 4 million metres!

Our new team mate Roy has set himself the challenge of getting to 4 million metres by the end of the year. Read about it on the USA C2 forum
Good luck with the rowing Roy - Everybody in Empty the Tanks will support you on your way.

Friday, 28 August 2009

3 boats in the Aug CTC Challenge

For the first time since getting involved in the Cross Team Challenges we have 3 boats in the race.
Simon has updated his time and Roy has rowed his first 3,2,1. Unfortunately Roy has bumped Lori out of Boat 2 into Boat 3 - we need 4 more team mates to join Lori so she can 'float' her boat in the rankings.

Boat 1 = 32/64 + 7 points
Boat 2 = 36/64 + 3 points
Boat 3 = 61/64

Fall Rowing Challenge 2009

Each team rows as many metres as they can collectively between 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) September 15 and 11:59 p.m. ET October 15.

All team members must be added to their teams by midnight ET on September 30. No team members can be added after September 30.

Metres rowed each week should be entered no later than midnight ET on Friday of that week. This works on the honor system. It makes it fair and fun for everyone if you can watch the progress of the teams that you are competing against. Deadline for entering metres: October 18 at midnight ET.

37 Empty the Tanks team mates have signed up so far - so we should be able to provide some decent competition for the other 100 world-wide teams.

New rower to the team

We have done really well with recruits recently, over 10 people have joined the team in August. Andre is the newest team mate - Welcome to Empty the Tanks.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Frank welcome

We have a new team mate called Frank - welcome to Empty the Tanks. Frank has already signed up for the FRC09, so we have 36 members ready to row as many metres as possible starting on the 15th September.

Monday, 24 August 2009

3 new team mates in one day!

David A, Roy and Richard have all joined Empty the Tanks today - we are now a team of 41! Well done to all 3 of you for signing up for the Fall Rowing Challenge too.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Rising up, back on the streets...

Took my time, took my chances... enough of Survivor!
We have moved up the rankings in the University/club standings on the C2 site to 43rd position out of 1016 world-wide teams - that is the top 4%!
Collectively we have rowed 4,126,141 metres. If you have not already affiliated yourself to the team so your personal metres count towards Empty the Tanks metres, then follow these simple instructions;

Go to your PROFILE of your online logbook.
Type in EMPTY THE TANKS (or select Empty the Tanks from the list)
Scroll to the bottom of the page and UPDATE PROFILE.

You will now be an affiliated member of Empty the tanks!
18 out of the 38 members are currently affiliated, so come on the rest of you... You know what to do!

Friday, 21 August 2009

August CTC 321 standings

10 team mates have rowed the 3k, 2k, 1k with 2 minute rests.
We now have 2 full boats in the August CTC Challenge;
Boat 1 = Duncan, Simon, Mike P, Chris & Sarah
Boat 2 = Matt, Bruce, Bill, Caroline & Lori

Boat 1 = 25/52 + 7 points
Boat 2 = 30/52 + 2 points

Individual rankings:

91/212 22:25.1 Duncan
114/212 22:51.2 Chris
135/212 23:25.8 Simon
140/212 23:35.7 Mike P
146/212 23:47.4 Bill
154/212 24:13.6 Matt
181/212 25:30.1 Bruce
202/212 28:39.2 Sarah
203/212 29:39.9 Caroline
206/212 30:40.1 Lori

Another new rower

John B has joined the team and has signed up for the Fall Rowing Challenge too. We now have 38 members in Empty the Tanks and 30 have signed up for the FRC09.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

2 more rowers join Empty the tanks!

A very big welcome to our new team mates, Allan and Mike P. They have both signed up for the Fall Rowing Challenge too. We have just under a month left before the start of the FRC09 and we have 29 entrants so far;
Allan, Bruce, Simon, Mike P, Jude, Duncan, Yvon, Karina, Tim, Chris, Caroline, Karen, Phil, Joe, John F, Sven, Sara, Gordon, Sarah, William, David, Bill, Lori, Jeanette, John D, Mike, Keith, Victoria and Micheal.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Robert joins the team

We have a new team member called Robert - welcome to Empty the Tanks.

Bruce and Lori row the August CTC

Bruce and Lori have joined Matt in empty the Tanks Boat 2, so we only need 2 more team mates to get Boat 2 in the rankings!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Duncan rows a 3,2,1

Duncan has put in an impressive 3,2,1 row of 22:59.7 and has joined Empty the tanks Boat 1, bumping Matt into Boat 2 (sorry Smithy!).
Boat 1 is 13th out of 38 boats + 3 points.
Boat 2 is 28/38 We need 4 more team mates to fill the boat to get into the rankings.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

August CTC progress

So far 5 Empty the Tanks members have tried the August Cross Team Challenge of 3k, 2k, 1k with 2 minute rests.
We are currently in 13th position out of 38 boats and have 1 point.

Individual results are;
67/118 22:51.2 Chris
82/118 23:43.1 Simon
84/118 23:47.4 Bill
90/118 24:20.7 Matt
115/118 29:39.9 Caroline

Duncan joins the team

Another rower from GBR has joined the team - welcome to Empty the Tanks Duncan!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Empty the tanks 7th out of 19!

Mike, Sven and Bruce have recently affiliated themselves to the team and have added their personal metres to our totals. We now stand in 7th position out of 19 other teams with 6-20 members.
We are also in the top 50 of all rowing teams - 49/984.

BIRC training

Download your British Indoor Rowing Championship training programme from here to improve your 2k time.
It says that the minimum weeks for training are 16 weeks (what a coincidence).
Keep Sunday 22nd November free for a team get together at the NIA in Birmingham! Hope to see you there.

More have joined the Aug CTC

The Aug CTC of 3k,2k,1k + 2 min rests is proving to be popular.
4 Empty the Tanks team members have tried one so far, we just need one more member for a full boat;

18/39 22:51.2 Chris
26/39 23:43.1 Simon
36/39 29:39.9 Caroline
37/39 30:00.0 Matt

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Matt is the first to do the August CTC

Excellent work Matt! He is the first Empty the tanks team mate to try the August CTC of rowing 3k, 2k, 1k with 2 minute rests in between. He completed the task in 30 minutes. Good going Smithy!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Results for the July CTC Challenge

8 team mates got involved in the July CTC Pyramid row.
Well done to Bill, Joe, Simon, Sarah, Bruce, Lori, Jeanette and Caroline.
Only one of our boats hit the rankings with 5 rowers:

Boat 1 - Bill, Joe, Bruce, Simon & Sarah = 38/66 + 6 points
Boat 2 - Lori, Jeanette & Caroline = 66/66

Good luck for the August Challenge!

New team mate!

We have a new member from Sweden - Sven, welcome to Empty the tanks!
Today is your last chance to row the July CTC of the Pyramid (250, 500, 750, 500, 250 + 1 min rests).
The August CTC challenge is 3k,2k,1k - 2min rests

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Well done Jeanette

Jeanette has updated her time for the July CTC challenge of the Pyramid row (250, 500, 750, 500, 250, 1 min rest), excellent work!
Boat 1 with Joe, Simon, Bruce, Bill and Sarah is in 32/61 position + 5 points
Boat 2 with Jeanette, Lori and Caroline is in last place at the moment.
We need 2 more team mates to row a Pyramid so the 2nd boat can get in the rankings.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Empty the tanks 8th out of 20!

I checked the stats after uploading my row today and we have moved up into 8th position on the C2 University / Club team standings! Yahooooo!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Only 5K behind Taff Attack Racing

Hello Empty the tanks team mates - The members who have affiliated themselves to the team are doing a great job of adding their personal metres to the team totals, which stands at 2,112,363 metres.
I just checked out the team standings on the C2 website and we are only 5,000 metres behind the team above us, Taff Attack Racing. If we could beat them we would be 8th out of 20 virtual teams with 6-20 members. I might see if I can put in some extra metres tomorrow? Anybody want to join me?
Overall we are ranked 61st out of 969 teams - not bad going for 14 affiliated rowers!
To affiliate yourself with the team - just go to your profile on the C2 website and edit your profile by selecting Empty the tanks!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New member to the team!

Karina from Canada has joined Empty the tanks! Welcome aboard.

Simon and Sarah Z row the Pyramid

Excellent work to Simon and Sarah who have joined Empty the tanks boat 1 in the rankings of the CTC July Challenge.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bruce posts a new Pyramid time!

Well done to Bruce who has managed to pull in a new time on the Pyramid intervals. Excellent work!
Empty the tanks boat 1 = 20/43
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 43, we need 4 more members to complete the boat!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Empty the tanks team member!

Hello to Micheal who has been gently persuaded (arm bent around the back) to join the team. He has been putting in some great rows at the gym and I mentioned he could take part in all the events that the C2 website / CTC offer. Welcome aboard Micheal!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Lori and Jeanette post new times for the Pyramid

Well done to Lori and Jeanette for trying another Pyramid row!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Look out for new Empty the tanks logo

My mission this summer is to design a variety of new Empty the tanks logos - I will post them on my blog so can vote for your favourite design. I would like to get it organised before we start the Fall Rowing Challenge so we could create some ETT t-shirts to row in!

Empty the tanks C2 UK forum name check!

I was reading the Concept 2 UK forum in the CTC thread and Empty the tanks team were name checked - hey people we are famous!!
If you want to communicate with other Empty the tanks team mates you can do it on the Concept 2 UK 'teams and Clubs' forum. I have started a thread called 'Empty the tanks open to new members'. To contribute to the site you just need to register with the Concept 2 UK site.
Good luck with the Pyramid rows everybody - I am giving myself a little rest (just 5k's a day) before I try another pyramid.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

9/20 virtual teams with 6-20 members

Empty the tanks is currently ranked 9th out of 20 teams on the Concept 2 University / Club standings for the 2010 season. (Check in the virtual, 6-20 members selection). Click on the picture to the left to see us in 9th position in the rankings.
All metres you do on your rowing machine in the 2010 season count towards the teams totals, but only if you have affliliated yourself with Empty the Tanks in your online profile.
We are ranked 58th out of 945 teams if you look at all definitions!

Well done Jeanette!

Jeanette has entered a new time for the pyramid row! Keep up the good work!
If you haven't already tried a Pyramid row it is 5 short bursts of 250m, 500m, 750m, 500m, 250m each with 1:00 rest.
We have 2 boats in the challenge now, Boat 1 with Joe, Bruce, Bill Caroline and Lori is in 11th position out of 38 boats.
Jeanette is rowing all alone in Boat 2 - somebody join her so we can get the second boat in the rankings.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another new member to Empty the tanks

Bruce has joined us - welcome to the world-wide team that is Empty the tanks!

Joe has pulled in a Pyramid

Joe has rowed the Pyramid challenge - we now have a full boat at 8th position out of 29 boats.

Monday, 6 July 2009

New member alert!

A big Empty the tanks welcome goes out to Victoria who is our 30th team mate!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

3 more members row the Pyramid

Lori, Jeanette and Caroline have joined Bill in the July CTC Challenge of rowing the Pyramid. It is a very challenging interval row of 250, 500, 750, 500 & 250 metres with 1 minute rests.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bill is the first to try the July CTC Challenge

Bill has entered the July CTC Pyramid row of 250m, 500m, 750m, 500m, 250m each with 1:00 rest with a time of 8 minutes 32.8 seconds.

We need more Empty the tanks team mates to join in so we can get a qualifying boat in the rankings.
To get into the rankings there has to be 5 rowers in a boat:
3 rowers can be hwt/lwt, 1 female rower hwt/lwt and 1 female or male lwt rower.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

New team member!

Eric has just joined the team! We are now a 29 strong rowing team - Welcome to Empty the tanks Eric!

The July CTC Challenge

Hello folks - I have been in Poland for 5 days so I have been unable to get to a computer. The new CTC challenge is:
The Team AEGON Pyramid your best (lowest) cumulative time for 250m, 500m, 750m, 500m, 250m each with 1:00 rest.
There are no restrictions on rate.
Enter the total time for the session excluding rests.

Good Luck!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Last few days for the CTC Ben Nevis row

Hello Empty the tanks team mates - only a few days left of the Ben Nevis 1,344 metres competition. We have enough members to enter another 2 boats into the challenge!
Current positions of our boats are:

Empty the tanks boat 1 = 25/75 + 27 points
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 50/75 + 2 points

Lori has put an new time of 6 minutes 45 seconds! Well done.
Caroline has put in a new row of 6 minutes 01.7 seconds.

Individual rankings are;
29/320 4 minutes 21.8 seconds - Joe
56/320 4 minutes 29.2 seconds - Jude
152/320 4 minutes 50.6 seconds - Chris
159/320 4 minutes 51.8 seconds - Simon
208/320 5 minutes 10.1 seconds - Bill
245/320 5 minutes 21.4 seconds - John F
280/320 5 minutes 53.2 seconds - Sarah
288/320 6 minutes 01.7 seconds - Caroline
309/320 6 minutes 45 seconds - Lori
319/320 8 minutes 59 seconds - Jeanette

Monday, 22 June 2009

A brand new team member!

Keith joined Empty the tanks today - welcome aboard Keith! He has already signed up for the Fall Rowing Challenge too, great stuff - we now have a team of 21 for the FRC2009.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer Solstice row - 21,000 metres

A number of Empty the tanks team mates have risen to the challenge of rowing 21,000 metres today. You don't need to row the 21,000 metres in one go - so you could split it into smaller rows throughout the day.
If you row the 21,000 metres in one go, add 97 metres and you qualify for a 1/2 marathon certificate.

John F rowed a 1/2 marathon (21,097) in 1 hour 38 minutes 13 seconds.
Caroline rowed a 1/2 marathon (21,097) in 1 hour 52 minutes 01.4 seconds.
Chris rowed a 1/2 marathon (21,097) in 1 hour 28 minutes 19.7 seconds.
Joe rowed a 1/2 marathon (21,097) in 1 hour 27 minutes 25.2 seconds.
Phil has rowed 21,000 metres in one day.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Strange coincidence

I was just checking the Annual Metres Honour board for over 5,000 metres a day on the C2 website and noticed that 2 Empty the tanks members were ranked next to each other! Click on the screen shot to enlarge it.

2 full boats in the CTC Ben Nevis Challenge

John F has joined Empty the tanks boat 2 - so we have 2 qualifying boats in the competition!

Empty the tanks boat 1 = 22/68 + 24 points
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 45/68 + 1 point

Individual rankings are;
25/279 4 minutes 21.8 seconds - Joe
51/279 4 minutes 29.2 seconds - Jude
134/279 4 minutes 50.6 seconds - Chris
140/279 4 minutes 51.8 seconds - Simon
180/279 5 minutes 10.1 seconds - Bill
208/279 5 minutes 21.4 seconds - John F
243/279 5 minutes 53.2 seconds - Sarah
252/279 6 minutes 06.7 seconds - Caroline
272/279 7 minutes 03.5 seconds - Lori
278/279 8 minutes 59 seconds - Jeanette

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

12th out of 21 virtual teams for 2010 season

If you look at the University / Club standings page of your on-line logbook, Empty the tanks is placed 12th out of 21 virtual teams in the 6-20 members section. We currently have 10 members who have affiliated themselves with Empty the tanks - all rowing counts towards the 2010 rowing season! If you want to affiliate yourself with Empty the tanks, go to your profile and select Empty the tanks!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Empty the tanks boat 1 17th position

Sarah has improved her Ben Nevis time by 3 seconds! To the Empty the tanks team mates who haven't tried a Ben Nevis row it may not sound like much - just wait until you try one!

Empty the tanks boat 1 = 17/60 + 18 points
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 58/60 (we still need 1 more rower)

Individual rankings are;
23/241 4 minutes 21.8 seconds - Joe
47/241 4 minutes 29.2 seconds - Jude
114/241 4 minutes 50.6 seconds - Chris
121/241 4 minutes 51.8 seconds - Simon
156/241 5 minutes 10.1 seconds - Bill
212/241 5 minutes 53.2 seconds - Sarah
219/241 6 minutes 06.7 seconds - Caroline
235/241 7 minutes 03.5 seconds - Lori
240/241 8 minutes 59 seconds - Jeanette

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sarah joins the team in the CTC challenge

Sarah has put in an amazing time of 5 minutes 56.6 seconds on the June CTC Challenge. She is in Boat 1 with Joe, Jude, Chris and Simon.
Boat 2 has Bill, Lori, Jeanette and Caroline (We still need another team mate to join us).

Empty the tanks boat 1 = 15/55 + 16 points
Empty the tanks boat 2 = 54/55 (we need 1 more rower)

Individual rankings are;
22/219 4 minutes 21.8 seconds - Joe
41/219 4 minutes 29.2 seconds - Jude
101/219 4 minutes 50.6 seconds - Chris
108/219 4 minutes 51.8 seconds - Simon
138/219 5 minutes 10.1 seconds - Bill
193/219 5 minutes 56.6 seconds - Sarah
199/219 6 minutes 06.7 seconds - Caroline
213/219 7 minutes 03.5 seconds - Lori
218/219 8 minutes 59 seconds - Jeanette