Sunday, 15 March 2020

World Erg Challenge 2020

Hey, ETT'ers it doesn't seem that long ago we were all erging away for the January Virtual Team Challenge and here we are in March gearing up for 30 days of competition.

I hope you are all rested and ready to get your 'row-on'! I have to sit out the first week or so due a shoulder and leg injury. It is only a temporary set-back caused by a over-zealous delivery driver on a motorbike crashing into me on my bike on the way home yesterday. I have some impressive bruises and very luckily nothing is broken.

Back to the team. We have 15 members signed up to the challenge and two who have contributed metres so far today. Mark is leading the team on day one of the challenge with Les in second place.

Good luck team-mates and I hope to upload metres as soon as I can!

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

January Team Challenge 2020 final week

We reached the end of the January Team Challenge on the 31st of the month and everybody should have had the chance to upload their contributions to the team totals by now.

Quick statistics:

  • We finished in 35th place out of 589 world-wide teams
  • That's a top 6% finish!
  • We rowed a collective 7,034,682 metres
  • 58 ETT'ers signed up for the competition and 53 uploaded metres
  • In the 2019 challenge, we also had 53 members upload metres too!
  • We finished in the top 4% of teams in 2019 VTC so we have dropped a little in the standings compared to last year
The top ten teammates:

  • Steve-the-machine defended his pole position in the team with a mind-boggling 620k!
  • David R secured second place with an amazing 521k
  • Karine showed the ladies how it's done with a fabulous final tally of 328k
  • Persistent Peter C took fourth place with a definitive 314k
  • Close behind with 310k was long-time ETT'er Mark B showing us he has still got it!
  • Marvellous Matt Y secured seventh place with 277k
  • In eighth place was tenacious Mark F with 262k
  • Another top ten female Ann K had a storming VTC with 230k
  • Hector showed us another impressive competition contribution of 220k

Remaining team contributions:

An amazing effort from such a fantastic set of teammates!
Every metre you row contributes to the final standings and they are always much appreciated by everybody in the team!

Individual achievements during the challenge:
Steve-the-machine Coles wins the most metres rowed award for his impressive and undefeated time at the top of the team for the whole of January with 620,000 metres!
Karine deserves the top female award with not only a top three placing in the team but also an amazing 328,000 metres rowed over the 31 days. Well done!
Mark B jokingly mentioned he was aiming for the most enthusiastic award and here it is. He is a regular on the ETT Facebook page and Strava group and has also reached 19,000,000 lifetime metres on the C2. Hardcore!
Jenna has been awarded the best new teammate award and has made her mark in the team with a contribution of 210k and has regularly posted to the team Facebook page with interesting articles. Nice one Jenna!

Overall, I am really proud to have such a wonderful bunch of teammates sharing health, fitness and endurance challenges together.

If you have anything to share please comment here on the blog, on the Facebook page or join us on Strava too!

Upcoming challenges:
  • Team challenge: World Erg Challenge starts on 15th March - 15th April
  • Individual challenge: Valentine's Day Challenge row 14k between 9th February - 14th February

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

January Team Challenge 2020 week four

We are in the final stretch of the competition and we are residing in 31st position out of 588 worldwide teams. This places us in the top 5% of teams.

If we compare against virtual teams of 51+ members we are in 17th place out of 218 teams.

Now let's have a look at our very own top ten teammates and their achievements over the competition to date:

  • Steve-the-machine is still in pole position with an amazing 455k!
  • David R has rowed his way into second place with a fantastic 411k
  • Karine is showing everybody how it is done in third place and our top female rower with 300k
  • Peter C and Mark B will be battling it out for a final fourth and fifth place with 270k
  • Andy S has rowed 263k to achieve the sixth position
  • Matt Y, Ann, Mark and Jenna have all rowed over 200k

 The middle-ranking teammates are all doing their bit to help maintain our top 5% position:

Keep up the great work ETT'ers. Let me know if you have achieved and PB's or any training tips or quirks that you might want to share with the team.

Good luck with the final three days of the challenge. I will provide the final report and select the chosen teammates for certificates next week when all the final metres are uploaded.

You can rest on the weekend! Yipeeeeeee

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

January Team Challenge 2020 week three

We are now officially over the worst of what January can throw at us with Blue Monday behind us and the competition thundering towards the fourth week! We are still in good spirits and we have maintained a top 10% position in 34th place out of 582 worldwide teams which place us in the top 6% of teams!

The top ten teammates are battling it out for the coveted positions on the leaderboard. We can see their achievements below:

  • Steve-the-machine is still at the top of the team with an impressive 329k+
  • David has definitely earned his 2nd place with 253k
  • Karine is flying high as the highest-ranking female in ETT this competition with 225k! 
  • Peter, Andy and Mark B are all in the 200k+ club, nice work lads!
  • Alistair and Ann have rowed over 180k
  • Matt and Tomasz have earned their top ten places with 179k and 166k respectively
The rest of the team have also been working hard and toiling away on their C2's to contribute to the team total of over 4,637,832 metres!

Keep up the great work teammates!
If any of you are on Strava you can follow fellow ETT'ers and keep up with their other fitness activities. I have set up an Empty the Tanks team on there too.

See you next week for week four of the challenge!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

January Team Challenge 2020 week two

Hey, what a week ETT'ers! We have moved up the rankings into 31st place out of 564 worldwide teams. This places us in the top 5% of teams.

Our top ten teammates this week are:

  • Steve C is still the king of the ETT leaderboard with nearly 200k
  • IN 2nd place is David R with over 150k, nice work there D!
  • Andy S is really close behind in 3rd place with 144k
  • Karine is showing us how it's done in style and is our highest-ranking female ETT'er
  • Mark B is steady and strong with over 120k
  • Jenna is proving that new teammates are really enthusiastic rowers with 120k
  • Alistair has hit the 100k+ threshold with 117k
  • Close on his heels we have Matt with 116k, Ann with 115k and Mark F with 114k
Almost half-way through the challenge, we wouldn't be in a top 5% position if it wasn't for our hard-working teammates who are contributing between 100k - 4k. Every metre counts in team competitions!

Thanks to the following amazing ETT'ers!

Let me know about any personal best times or interesting training sessions you have been during so far in the challenge.
What is your goal or aim to achieve by the end of January?

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

January Team Challenge 2020 week one

We have started the January Team Challenge in fine spirits and are in 35th place out of 477 worldwide teams. This places us in the top 7% of teams.

If you compare us against similar virtual teams with 21-50 members we are in the top 5!

We are doing really well folks in the first week and have seen some impressive metres from a whole bunch of teammates. Let's look at the individual achievements in week one.

Top ten

  • Super strong Steve C is in pole position with an impressive 86k!
  • Awesome Andy S is nipping at Steve's heels in second place with 64k
  • Magnificent Matt Y has rowed his way into third place with 56k
  • Close behind we have joint top female rowers with both Jenna and Ann K with 55k
  • Followed by Karine with 54k
  • Mark B hit the half-century metres mark with 52k
  • Harold and Mick have rowed 42k and 40k respectively
I will look at the half-way heroes and heroines next week after the second week of competition. To make it a little more fun I will be awarding the following teammates awards (a beautifully created certificate of achievement) based on the following at the end of the January Team Challenge. 
Good luck teammates!

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ETT'ers!
We are saying goodbye to 2019 and entering a new decade with both the January Revolutions Challenge and the Virtual Team Challenge starting on 1st January 2020.
The January Revolutions is an individual challenge where you can select from a range of challenges for a row, ski or bike. Read about it on the website here and choose your personal goal!

It is a team challenge where our collective metres will contribute to the team totals against all other world-wide teams! It is a great way to start the year bringing back some routines back into your daily life whilst burning off some holiday excess. Read more about it here.

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Merry Christmas ETT'ers!

First of all, I must apologise for my lack of leadership as a team captain during the last few months. My list of 'excuses' are:

  • My laptop broke and it took a while to get a replacement
  • My new laptop doesn't have a regular USB port which makes uploading my rows impossible without a USB converter
  • Just when I thought things were back on track, the new Mac software was incompatible with C2 interface so I still couldn't upload metres
  • Also, I am coming to the end of a very intense house renovation which has consumed every weekend for the past six months
Over the Christmas break, I aim to catch up with you guys and normal service will resume for the January Virtual Team Challenge!!

If you celebrate Christmas I wish you a very merry one and if not, enjoy some well-deserved relaxation with family and friends!

Caroline x

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

FTC 2019 Week Two

We are still residing in the top 4% of worldwide teams with a 23rd place out of 573 competitors!

'CrossFit Posterus power of team' (catchy team name!) are only a couple of 100k in front of us - maybe we will catch them up by the end of the week?

Has anybody made any significant personal achievements this week?

For me, a personal achievement was actually uploading a modest amount of metres this week to contribute to the team. It is the first time in 10 years that I know I am not going to be able to manage my usual 200k+ during the challenge (sorry about that ETT'ers!).

The top ten teammates this week are:

Mick is in the top spot with a fantastic 290k!
Mark has rowed into second place with 233k with Tomasz snapping at his heels in third place with 232k!
Hector, Kevin, Phil H, Mike B, Karine (top female), Robert and Matt have all joined the 100k+ club and are holding their own in the top ten!

Other 100k+ clubbers are Peter and Andy who are in 11th and 12th place respectively!

Keep on going teammates we are hitting the mid-way point of the challenge soon and as the season changes into Autumn / Fall / Spring (depending on your location) these erg sessions help you with your fitness, resilience and the team totals!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

FTC 2019 Week One

Hello, fellow ETT'ers. I hope you have had a great start to the Fall Team Challenge despite the rather changeable weather!

We are currently residing in 22nd position out of 530 world-wide teams, placing us in the top 4% of teams. If you compare us with similar virtual teams of between 21-50 members we are in 6th place out of 15.

Onto individual achievements. A big one in the first week has got to be Mark Bower reaching a mind-boggling impressive milestone of 18 million lifetime metres on the C2. Nice one Mark that's some distance!!

The top ten rowers in the first 10 days are:

Mick is leading the team with 173k, followed closely by Mark with 140k. Tomasz is in third position with 126k.

Kevin, Phil H, Robert, Karine (our top female), David, Mike B and Andy S have all rowed between 80k - 60k to achieve their top ten positions. Nice work everybody!

Currently, we have 43 members signed up for the challenge and 34 have contributed metres. I must at this juncture apologise for my lack of metres this challenge as the house renovation and a daily commute to work on my bike are scuppering my FTC rowing plans. I will focus on some C2 workouts this weekend!

Thank you for all the hard work and commitment you all put into the team, I really do appreciate all your effort and achievements!

Our mission for the coming week is to catch up to the team ahead of us, Silent Water Neufeld, who are only 8,000 metres in front!